I ate it and I regret xO

Hello there!

Alright...so I ordered this Korean spicy ramen on Amazon :)
Because it seems like it's very trendy to burn our mouth to the death, haha.
The oh so called 'Fire noodles'... Let me share you my honestly opinion.

This picture ladies and gentlemen is the crazy ''Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen (2x Spicy)'' by Samyang.

I bought it just because of the spicy noodle challenge on YouTube made me want to try the ramen, just like I previously said at the beginning of this entry.

Gosh, look how red it is. Not only that soup was red, but my lips was red and painful. 
I took just two bites and it knocked me out xO
A W E F U L feeling.
My tongue and lips was hurting really bad. 
The pain came so quickly right after I put it in my mouth. It lasted for awhile even if I drank a glass of milk... I mean, some glasses of milk. 

Anyway, I liked the flavour, but I definitely don't recommend to do the fire noodles challenge.

Thank you for reading my blog :D

I hope to see you again very soon!
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