Night in Asakusa, Tokyo

Hi, there❗

I know, it's not Saturday, I am sorry about that 😅
But I still update my blog, anyways 😀

Me and my wife went to Asakusa, Tokyo last night.

We also walked from Ochanomizu station to Asakusa for about 1 hour 😮

Here is the pics I took 📷

My wife asked me to get the sweets called "Sakuraman (Sakura Age-manju)", so I went to get it at the store called "Asakusa-kokonoe (浅草九重)" 🍡😋

The store is one of the best store for Age-manju in Asakusa, people say 😉👌

I recommend you to try it 😎👍

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope to see you again very soon❗
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