Cherry blossom Frappuccino :d

Hello there!

It's monday night in Japan now, but here is a random update 😊

My wife wanted to try the new sakura drink of Starbucks, so we went there.

They have the frappuccino and the latte, but we got the frappuccino 👌

It has maple whip cream, pink arare (Japanese mochi snack), sakura shaved chocolate.

I can't explain the flavour of sakura, but it tastes good 😋
I think the whip cream doesn't match with the flavour because it tastes weird with it 😣

If you're planing to try it, don't forget to get the special photo frame at Starbucks wherever you go in Japan. Access here to get it 😀

Also, they have different frames each places, and we got this one 😎

It looks nice with the frames, right?

Thank you for reading my blog :D I hope to see you again very soon!
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