"The first notebook made from stone"

Hi there!

I saw an article about "Stone Paper" on the internet, and that made me want to have it :)

So... I bought this notebook on Amazon xD

"The first notebook made from stone"

Printed in Italy

I like the texture of the notebook, like really nice (Sorry, I dont know how I can explain lol)

Take a look inside this notebook.

You can write your information like home address etc...

Tree Free, Eco etc... But what I like the most about it is Waterproof.

So I tried it if it's true or not :D

It's written in pencil, and put the water.

Wiped it off and then Voila! it looks fine and still good to write!

So it is true that it's waterproof :)

Just only one thing disappoint me.

Erasers don't work well on this kind of paper :( It's worth even more if you put water.

Maybe we shouldn't rewrite haha

Thank you for reading, and hope to see you soon!

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