Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless

Hello there!

I'm going to write about the in-ear headphone called Relays Sport Wireless by Sol Republic.

I bought it on Amazon Japan, it was 8,910 yen.

It has the headphone with a micro-usb cable and some eartips.

I've been using it since a month ago, so here is the review.

1. I don't have problems with the long cable of earbuds anymore :) but the music cuts out sometimes, like when i get on crowded trains.

2. It doesn't fall out even if I move alot, but It's not comfortable as what it says on the description.

3. It has mic, and I tried it many times by call . I can hear the sound clearly but my wife says she can't hear me clearly often.

4. The sound quality is really cheap like any $12 earbuds, but it's good enough to just LISTEN to music. Actually I don't mind it anymore because I use it when I go work :)

Thank you for reading my blog :D I hope to see you again very soon!

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