Walked around Asakusa, Tokyo :)

Hello there!

My wife and I with our friend who comes over from Canada went to Asakusa :D

We went to a bird cafe called Torinoiru cafe.

It's 1,500 yen for the entrance per person for 1 hour.

Here is the information of the cafe and the price etc...  http://toricafe.co.jp/asakusa-en/

When we entered the cafe, there was a little bird welcome us :)

You can pet them or ask the stuff to put the one of them on your shoulder.

There is so many birds tweeting, flying over your head :D

Even if you're just standing, they would come to see you like on your head, arms, shoulders x)

That was such a great experience :D

After that, we had a lunch at this restaurant called Edo Monja "Hyotan".

You can eat really yummy Monja-yaki here!

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