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Had a lunch at the Rilakkuma Cafe in Shibuya

Hello there!

I had a lunch at the Rilakkuma cafe in Shibuya with my wife(

We got the place at 11:30a.m. but there was a soooo long line up, so we had waited for like 1 hour LOL

Here is the pics of the place.

I got these meals :D

ごゆるりココア(Goyururi cocoa) 800 yen.

キイロイトリのふわふわオムライス(Kiiroi-tori no fuwafuwa omrice) 1,500 yen.

リラックマのベリーベリームース(Rilakkuma no Very Berry Moose) 950 yen.

These were really yum! but it's alittle bit expensive for me.

I leave the link for more information :) RILAKKUMA × TOWER RECORDS campaign