Dating in Yokohama

Hello there!

I had a date with my wife in Yokohama.

First, we went to Nogeyama Zoo. (HERE is the infomation of Nogeyama zoo)

My wife posted pictures HERE :)

This zoo is free to enter, but the zoo is good enough to spend time :D

I took pictures of the animals in the zoo, but I won't put here because you should visit there to see them in real :)

We walked around Sakuragicho after the zoo :D

Yokohama Red brick Warehouse.

It has many shops and restaurants in the warehouse.

When we visited, there ware many people because of a German festival :o

Nippon Maru (Ship)

It is possible to go on the ship, and HERE is the information :)

We had a great day together in Yokohama :D

It's the one of the best place to date all the time!



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