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Monster Energy Zero Ultra & Ultra Red

Hello there!

I talk about the cans of Monster Energy which I got at US Army when I visited :)

Here is what I got...

The white one called Zero Ultra.

The red one called Ultra Red.
The woman who sell it told us that the white one is like sports drink flavour, and the red one is like cherry flavour.
This is what look like.

I tried these and what I think is that she is right what she told us :D
If I choose which I liked more than others, I choose the cherry one.
And actually she said Japanese people prefer that one xD
These are Zero calories, so you should try them!

Sakura festival at Camp Zama

I've not updated my blog for a long time again (sorry!)

I went to Camp Zama where is a United States Army in Japan for the Sakura festival with my family :)

It rained for awhile at the day, but luckily we could go.

They sell imported stuff from America even though alittle bit higher price than normally.

We had cheese burger combos for the lunch, and it was good :d

Here is what we got.

Probably they have stuff which Costco don't have ;)