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Tried Smirnoff Frozen Citrus Daiquiri

Hello there!
I tried another drink of Smirnoff Frozen :)

Smirnoff Frozen Citrus Daiquiri.

I made it froze at this time because I didn't want it to be like last time.

It was sooo frozen that I couldn't put it out, so I squeezed it alot.

And this is what looks like.

I definitely like this one!

It was frozen, so much more better than not frozen :D

I recommend it!

See ya!

Tried Smirnoff Frozen Pina Colada

Good evening!I tried this limited interesting drink.Smirnoff Frozen Pina Colada.It should be in a freezer for 8 hours to make it freeze, but I didn't make it stay long in my freezer.This is what looks like.I like the pineapple and coconut taste as well!But I should have to wait alittle bit more because it wasn't frozen at all lolSee ya!

Tried Meiji Kinoko no yama Chocolate Banana flavour

Hello everyone!I tried this snack today :)Kinoko no Yama (means A mount of mushrooms in Japanese) Chocolate Banana flavour by Meiji.This is what looks like.As you can see that it has mushroom shape.On the top and the middle yellow part are banana chocolate, and the bottom (crunchy part) is cocoa flavour snack.Actually I can't tell the cocoa flavour of the bottom part lolBut I like it as well!See ya!

Tried Lotte Toppo Hiyashi pineapple flavour

Hi there!
I tried this snack which is summer limited.

Toppo Hiyashi pineapple flavour by Lotte.
It has 2 packs in a box.
This is what looks like.

It has pineapple chocolate in crunchy sticks (Sorry that I can't explain well ><)
I like other flavours of Toppo, and I like this one too!
See ya!

Tried Glico Berry Carnival Pocky Berry & Açaí

Hello guys, I took alittle break for a while.So, I tried this summer limited snack :)Berry Carnival Pocky Berry & Açaí by Glico.It has 3 packs in a box.This is what looks like.I could taste strawberry more than others, but I like the mixed taste with blueberry and açaí :DI recommend!See ya!

Tried Lotte Chocolate Pie Cotton Candy flavor

Good evening!I tried this interesting snack.Painomi Wataame aji by Lotte.Open the box.It says that we can write letters to make messages on the pies :)This is what looks like.I couldn't tell that it's cotton candy flavor, more like white chocolate in the pies lolBut I like it as well :DSee ya!

Tried Suntory Cocktail Calorie Cocktail Smoothie Hinyari Suika

Hey guys!I tried Cocktail Calorie Cocktail Smoothie Hinyari Suika by Suntory.This is what looks like.It does taste watermelon and the texture is like smoothie for real :)Its limited for summer, and I like it :DSee ya!

Tried Glico Coconut Pocky chocolate

Good evening!I tried this limited snack for summer.Coconut Pocky chocolate by Glico.Pocky is popular Japanese snack in the world, so maybe you might know it.This is what looks like (it has 2 packs in a box)It tastes so much coconut, and I like it :)I recommend :DSee ya!

Tried Suntory cocktail Calorie Waikiki Blue Hawaii

Hello guys!

I tried Cocktail Calorie Waikiki Blue Hawaii by Suntory.

This is what looks like.

The taste is pineapple with lemon, but I can only taste pineapple actually lol

This is limited drink for summer.

Its more like pineapple cocktail, but its still good :)

See ya!

Tried Glico Mild Cafe Au Lait Coconut Season Style

Good evening!I tried Mild Cafe Au Lait Coconut Season Style by Glico!It tastes like 60% coffee with 40% coconut milk :)I obviously like this taste!Its summer limited, so you should try it if you have a chance to get it :Dsee ya!

Tried Lotte Koala's March chocolate coated banana flavour


I tried new flavour of Koala's March by Lotte.

This is the pic of the package.

The design looks like matsuri style (Japanese festival in summer)

Open the package...

The snack has chocolate coated banana chocolate inside of it.

And it does taste like!

I love it :)

See ya!

Tried Tropicana coconut water

Hey guys!

I saw a picture of new drink, is that...

Tropicana coconut water!

I was curious how does it taste like :)

And it doesn't taste like coconut much lol

I think that it tastes more like real coconut juice lol

It isn't bad!

See ya!

Took a selfie :)


Take a walk at night

Good evening!

I just came back from taking a walk with my wife and our dog :)

It was soo quiet outside, and winds made me relaxed.

That was a good time for me :D

See ya!

Tried Fujiya Country Ma'am Kiwami matcha


I tried new flavour of Country Ma'am by Fujiya!

It's chocolate chip cookies, and Country Ma'am has always been my favorite cookies :)

They have some flavours, but this one is matcha which is green tea.

Open the bag...

It's alittle bit small cookies like this.

I love matcha flavoured foods or drink, and it didn't make me disappointed :D

I recommend it :)

See ya!

Tried Tohato Caramel Corn limited flavoured


I tried this limited flavoured snack!

Tohato Caramel Corn coconuts mango flavoured.

It looks like a tropical design bag :)

Open the bag...

I like the smells and tastes of it :D

You should try it if you like coconuts and mango xD

I recommend it!

See ya!

Tried Nissin Jack gekikara yakisoba

Hey guys! I tried this cup yakisoba today.

It's a extreme hot cup yakisoba.

It has the spicy powder (mixed with jalapeño, wasabi, mustard) called Jack Powder, and a sauce in the cup.

Put hot water into the cup after take them out.

Wait 3 mins...

Put the hot water out from other side of the cup, and add the sauce first.

After that, add the Jack powder.

And done!

It wasn't too hot like can't eat, but the hotness comes after you started to eat it.

I could taste jalapeño, wasabi and mustard as well.

My tongue was hurting by the hotness after I finished, so I drank milk coffee lol

See ya!

Green house USB fan brisk

Me and my wife went out to spend time together, and I found this.

This is a USB fan called brisk by Green house.

It was cheaper than normally, so I bought it.

It has the fan and a USB cable in the box.

Connected to my laptop, and it works!

I think that it works well even though small :D

I like it so far! And it's really good stuff :)

See ya!

Tried somen cupnoodle

Hello guys! I tried nissin cupnoodle somen, so I tell you how it was :D

It says how to make it on the back, and we can eat it hot like always or cold.
I choose cold because it's unusual for me xD

This is what look like inside of it.

Put hot water first, and wait 30 seconds. After that, shuffle inside and wait 2 minutes 30 seconds (total 3 minutes)

Put ice, wait it to melt.
And ready to eat!

That was weird first that eat it cold, and the noodle was alittle bit hard.
So maybe we should leave it longer than it says (or maybe it's like that lol)

That wasn't bad, so you should try it if you have a chance to try.

See ya!

Sittori chocolate

Hey guys, I'm eating this snack now :d

This is chocolate crunchy corns snack.

Open the bag...

And yum!

This is my favorite :D

It has even the heart shaped one

That's it!

See ya!

I'm interested in this!

Nissin sells new kind of cup noodle.

And this is what look like.

I don't know if you can tell, but it's somen (it's popular noodle in summer)

And also we can add ice or leave it hot.

So sounds interesting for me to try this :)

I'll tell you guys if I tried it :D

See ya!

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