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Hello there!

I moved my blog from Wordpress because of some reasons.
I appreciate your support to glow my blog :)

Visited Hakone etc.

Hello guys! It's been a while I didn't post blog.

I went to around 箱根(Hakone) with my family last weekend.

We visited this place first.


It's a active volcano, and there are natural gas coming out from ground.

You can also eat black eggs there.(Sorry I forgot to take a pics of it)

It's around 500 yen each eggs.

We went to 芦ノ湖(Ashino-ko) to take a sightseeing ship called 箱根海賊船(Hakone Pirate ship).

It feels good to be on ships :)

There was other ships too.

After that, we visited 箱根関所(Hakone Sekisho)

This is the gate for the place.

Japanese traditional view.

We had lunch at 忍野八海(Oshino-Hakkai)

They have natural pure water.

That was such a great day all together :D

See ya!

Peyoung Shin Yakisoba

Hello guys, it's been a long time.


I tried this Yakisoba.

Shin Yakisoba by Peyoung.

It sounds like kind of Real Fried Soba, so I was wondering the tastes lol

This is what looks like.

It has a bag of sauce, a bag of topping and noodle.

This is same way as normal one :)

And done!

It tastes good, but without the topping might be better I think lol

It's like changed the noodle and added sauce for Soba.

Not bad!

See ya!