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43rd Sagamihara Summer Evening Fireworks

Hello guys!

Me and my wife with my family went to see fireworks last weekend :)

There were soooo many people (Actually they told me that more people than last year when they visited) LOL

So we decided to stay stand up.

I couldn't take good pics, so here you go xD


It's been a long time I didn't see fireworks, and it was amazing :)

I'd like to see it more next year!

See ya!

Bourbon Alfort Matcha

Hello there!I tried this green tea snack.It has 10 small packs in a bag.A ship design on the chocolate.As you can see that it has matcha chocolate on biscuits.I like this one of Alfort, and it matches with the matcha tastes on biscuits :dAlso I like the chocolate one like normal kinds of Alfort.See ya!

Monster Energy M-3 Super Concentrate

Hi guys!I finally got this drink xDMonster Energy M-3 Super Concentrate.It's 150ml small bottles (Normal size is 355ml)This is what looks like.It's like 3 cans in one bottle, so tasty like more sour and sweet.I drank normal one after this, and it tastes like water alittle bit.I love this one as well, and good for people who cant finish normal cans :)See ya!

Asahi Nanairo Water's

Hello guys!I tried this drink today :)Nanairo (Seven colors) Water's by Asahi.It has mixed flavours like Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Honey, Aloe, Chamomile, Mint.Actually it does taste like Stride Mystery Gum lolIt wasn't so bad, but I wouldn't take it again.See ya!

Pringles Xtra Red Pepper BBQ

Hi there!I tried this chips today.Pringles Xtra Red Pepper BBQ :)It seems very hot chips on the package, but actually it doesn't lolIt's still alittle bit spicy though.I like this one as well :)See ya!

Soo many natural disasters in Japan

I've been listening and watching this news whole day.

To see more info
32 people died, and there is still people missing.
That's not cool :(
I wonder why we get soo many natural disasters.
Hopefully they help people who got the terrible situation as much as possible.
See ya!

Pringles Classic Pizza

Good evening everyone!I tried this limited snack.Pringles Classic Pizza.I like the taste as well, and it reminds of the fast foods I ate when I used to live in Toronto lolIt's limited, so you must try this one x)See ya!

Lotte Toppo Matcha Milk flavour

Hello there!I tried this snack :)Toppo Matcha Milk flavour by Lotte.It has 2 packs in a box.It tastes good as well :DBut It's too normal taste though.See ya!

Hang out with my friends in Shinjuku

Hello guys!Few days ago, me and my wife hang out with our friends in Shinjuku.We went to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden :)The entrance.It's 200 yen (adult) for entrance.Walked around :DYou can also see NTT Docomo tower.Continue to walk around.That was hot at this day, but we had a good time there :DWe went to do bowling after that.The place called Copa Bowl in Kabukicho in Shinjuku.It has normal lanes and fantastic lanes like this.It was cool! and sooo much fun xDSee ya!

Tried Yamazaki Dowhats!

Hi there!I tried this sweets today :)Dowhats! by Yamazaki.This is what looks like.This is sweets mix with donut and croissant :)It's Italian lemon coated one :DIt taste well than i taught, and I like it lolIt was new food for me, I recommend it!See ya!

Tried Lotte Matcha Crunky Crunch Chocolate

Hello there!I tried this green tea snack :)Matcha Crunky Crunch Chocolate by Lotte.This is what looks like.I really like this chocolate, and it's not just because of matcha flavour.It has a good balance like not too much chocolate, not too much puffs :)I recommend it!See ya!

Tried Frito Lay Rich Giza Noukou Cheese flavour

Good evening everyone!I tried this snack today :)Rich Giza Noukou Cheese flavour by Frito Lay.This is what look like.It's corns snack with cheese flavour.It has cheese tastes as well, and I like it soo much :DIt's a great snack with alcohol too!See ya!

Tried a poutine in Japan

I went to a canadian french fries restaurant in Shimokitazawa, Japan with my wife and friends today.Robson Fries.They have other kinds of poutine too.I ate plain like simple one :)The taste of the sauce is soooo close to the sauce of Quebec, Canada :DI'm surprised xDBut if it was cheese curd, will be much more better though :)I still like this poutine!See ya!

Tried Nabisco Oreo Bits Sandwiches Matcha Latte

Hi there!I tried this green tea snack.Oreo Bits Sandwiches Matcha Latte by Nabisco.This is what looks like :)It’s small Oreos with matcha latte flavour.I can smell the matcha before eat it, and also tastes matcha as well!I love this snack :DSee ya!

Tried Tohato Boukun Habanero Umakara3kyoudai

Hi guys!I tried this hot snackBoukun Habanero Umakara3kyoudai by TohatoThis is what looks likeThis is the snack made with potatos like chips.It has 3 levels of spiciness likeLevel 1 on 5Level 3 on 5Level maxI tried each, and I could tell the levels alittle bit.It was not too spicy that we can eat it as like any snacks :)I like it :DSee ya!

Tried Calbee Jagabee Tomato Salsa

Hello everyone!I tried this limited snack.Jagabee Tomato Salsa by Calbee.This is what looks like.As you can see that it looks like french-fries.And it’s crunchy snack :oIt does tastes like Salsa, and also it’s spicy tiny bit :DI like it, but I wish it was bigger cup though.See ya!

Souvenir from Quebec, Canada

Good evening everyone!We had a guest at our home few days ago from Quebec, Canada.And he gave us this as a souvenir :)(From left) Maple candies, maple sugar, maple jelly, maple syrup, maple popcorns.I’m excited to try them :DThanks Kevin!!See ya!

Tried Starbucks Chocolate Brownie Matcha Cream Frappuccino

Hi guys!I tried this new frappuccino.Chocolate Brownie Matcha Cream Frappuccino by Starbucks.It tastes same like any other matcha (green tea) stuff.And it has crushed brownies :)I like this as well!Most matcha flavour stuff are yummy for me lolYou should try this one :DSee ya!

Tried Bacardi Mojito

Hi everyone!I tried another rum bottle.Bacardi Mojito.This is also rum, and mint with lime flavour.Honestly I did not like this one because of too much rum tastes with mint and lime :(It doesn't match at all for my tongue, but I think some people might love the tastes xDSee ya!