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Kamakura to Enoshima

Me and my wife went to Kamakura and Enoshima today.

Here is the pictures I took.


We Planed to visit a Huge Daibutsu, but it was already closed (They close at 5:30 p.m.)

So maybe next time :p

We also went to Enoshima after Kamakura by Enoden (Old style trains)

An entrance of Enoshima.

@Enoshima temple

We ate ice cream there, that was good :d

We had a good time together even though our plan changed :)

Went to Ueno Zoo

Me and my wife went to Ueno zoo in Ueno, Tokyo today.Today was free day to enter for everyone :DMost people choose this zoo to see pandas because there is no others where have pandas, but we might wait a long time to see them.We did not see them because we needed to wait for about 1 hours in a long line (^-^;)Here's animals that we saw.Actually we saw animals more than these. I didn't take pics of them, just because my camera isn't so well (>-<)This zoo is huge. So if you want to see many animals, I recommend this zoo (^o^)d