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Sagamiko Illumillion

Hello there!

My wife and I went to Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest for the illumination event last night.

It was around 7 p.m. and there was so many people.

Here is the pictures we took :)

600 yen for adult to enter (400 yen for kids)

The show was so amazing!
This is it, we had a great time there :D


Pringles Cheese fondue

Hello there!
I ate this limited snack.

Pringles Cheese fondue!
It's alittle bit sour and cheese taste, but I don't know if it does taste like cheese fondue or not lol
Love it!

Fuwatto mochitto pancake maple & margarine

Hello there!
I'm alittle bit hungry, so eating this.

Fuwatto mochitto pancake Maple & margarine by Itō pan.
Canadian maple syrup filling with margarine pancake.
It tastes alittle bit more like caramel with margarine, but I like it :)

Chocolate orange mocha

Hello there!
Here I am! At Starbucks again lol
I'm drinking the new one called chocolate orange mocha :)

It tastes exactly orange with chocolate like fruity mocha.


Coffee & cream white mocha

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm drinking a cup of coffee & cream white mocha at Starbucks :)

It tastes alittle bit bitter, but still sweet.
I like it as well!

Home Christmas party!

Hello there!
I had an early Christmas party at my home last weekend :)
I invited my friends like 11 people lol And we had a great dinner, ate cakes too.
We also traded presents that we brought.
I got this great present!

An earphone of Sony (extra bass)
Actually I prefer to listen to music with alots bass sound :D
I'm excited to use it!

Christmas sets by Mister Donuts

Hello there!

This ad made me want to have it for my wife because she loves Rirakkuma stuff x)

We choose Misdo Rirakkuma set.

Here is what we got :)

Two N.Y. cup cakes (Lemon and Chocolate) with a pair of Rirakkuma bowls.

Two Pon de wreathes (White chocolate and Strawberry)
I ate the chocolate cup cake and the white chocolate donut.
And it was yum!
I'd like to eat some more xD

Souvenir from Quebec!

Hello there!

I got this souvenir from my Canadian friend who is in Japan right now for his vacation.

Jam Dish by Bonne Maman.

it has a blueberry jam, an orange marmalade jam, an apricot jam, a raspberry jam.

Also a small plate.

I'm looking forward to try these jam! :d~


Ohayo Chocolate Monaka

Hello there!
I really wanted to eat an ice cream, so went out to get it :D

It's called Namachoco Monaka by Ohayo.
And it's made with Belgium Chocolate :d
This is what look like.

The cocoa flavoured monaka and chocolate ice cream are good together.
I love it!
See ya!

Pepsi Pink Cola

Hello there!

When I went to a convenience store, I got this.

Pink Cola by Pepsi.

It doesn't say on it, but the flavour is strawberry
(Actually it tastes more like strawberry flavour of bubble gum).

I like this one :)

See ya!

Yamayoshi Pokka Coffee chips

Hello there!
I was wonder how it tastes like, so I got this snack.

Pokka Coffee chips by Yamayoshi.
It's a collaborated snack with Pokka.
This is what look like.

It looks kind of normal, but the smell of coffee came out from the bag when I opened.
It tastes so much coffee, sweet and alittle bit salty.
Honestly, I do not like it much.
If you are interested, you should try that chips xD
See ya!

Sightseeing in Yokohama

Hello there, it's been a long time (Actually almost a month)

I went to Yokohama with my family last month.

We visited to Ramen Museum.

The place seems like old style of Japan.

Ate this ramen at this restaurant in the museum :d

It was Tonkotsu based soup, and was yummy.
We visited to China Town too.
Here is the pics :)

Panda Store

We got chinese baozi and bubble tea there :D
So this is it!
I had a good time in Yokohama.
See ya!

Snow maple toffee latte

I tried this drink of Starbucks.

Here is the picture of it.

With a white chocolate macadamia nuts cookie.
It tastes like added maple syrup into mocha cafe, and I liked it.

Cephalopod ink Burger

Hello there!!
I tried this limited one of McDonald's for Halloween.

イカスミバーガー(Cephalopod ink Burger)
This is what exactly look like.


The bans are black, and the sauce too.
It has something like fries in.
I cannot explain the tastes, but it was good.
Tasty and I liked it as well!
See ya!!

Coffee Monster Energy

Hello guys, it's been a long time!
I found this at a convenience store.

Coffee Monster Energy!
It's new one of Monster Energy.
I love Monster and coffee, so that's awesome for me!
I thought that it tastes not so good, but actually it does taste good!
I can tastes the coffee beans like real coffee.
You must try it if you like coffee!
See ya!

Hello there!

I moved my blog from Wordpress because of some reasons.
I appreciate your support to glow my blog :)

Visited Hakone etc.

Hello guys! It's been a while I didn't post blog.

I went to around 箱根(Hakone) with my family last weekend.

We visited this place first.


It's a active volcano, and there are natural gas coming out from ground.

You can also eat black eggs there.(Sorry I forgot to take a pics of it)

It's around 500 yen each eggs.

We went to 芦ノ湖(Ashino-ko) to take a sightseeing ship called 箱根海賊船(Hakone Pirate ship).

It feels good to be on ships :)

There was other ships too.

After that, we visited 箱根関所(Hakone Sekisho)

This is the gate for the place.

Japanese traditional view.

We had lunch at 忍野八海(Oshino-Hakkai)

They have natural pure water.

That was such a great day all together :D

See ya!