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Nescafe 3 in 1

All in 1 instant coffee is here!

I got this new Nescafe 3 in 1 at Maxi :)

We don’t have to buy whitener and sugar because they are already included :o
This is what look like.

It’s a great balance of these things.
Not too sweet, not too bitter… I bet you might like it too :D
I recommend it!

My birthday

26th was my birthday :)
So my wife bought me two cakes!
1st one was chocolate cake :D

2nd one was mango strawberry mousse cake :)

She bought them at Super C.
I liked them so much!
Was yum yum :d
That’s it!


Tried Amp Energy drink

I got this energy drink at Dollarama :)

That was cheaper than buy at other places xD
This is what look like :o

The color of the drink is between green and yellow.
It has Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana.
And it says “Natural health product” on it.
473 ml.
Review: 4/5
I like it!
Tastes good and enough cider :D
This is it.


Drank Sapporo beer

Me and my wife bought 2 cans of Sapporo beer :)

That was big can for me like 650ml :o
The alcohol % is 5 %.
Review: 4/5
It tastes clear than other beer, and smooth.
I like it :D
This is it.


Tried Peanut Brittle

I got this snack at Dollarama because that looks interesting for me :)

This is what look like ;)

Review: 2/5
The pieces are smaller than I thought because of the image on the box :(

And It tastes like eat almonds with sugar…
This is it.


Art from garbage

Me and my wife went to library few days ago, and then we went to up stare of the library :)

There is art things that an artist Paul Gagné made :D

I am going to show you some of them here!

Also there is other kind too B)

Again, these things are made with garbage :o
And also he sell them xD
Here is the price seat.

It was pretty fun to look!
This is it.


Drank a bottle of red wine

I recommend this L’entre Côte’s dry red wine.

It was around $8 at Maxi which is super market here.
Review: 3/5
I prefer this wine than expensive wine.
It feels good on the tongue, so I think this wine is good for beginner of wine.
This is it!