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Took a walk yesterday

Yesterday, the weather was good so I took a walk with my girlfriend.

There was a contrail in the sky.

That’s it!
My girlfriend made brochette for dinner.
It was alittle bit spicy but yummy :D
This is it!
Dinner for last night, my girlfriend made this caesar salad with shrimps.
It was healthy and yummy.
This is it!
I ate these sushi with my girlfriend. It’s been a long time like few months.
It was around $8 each packs even they are not fresh and not alots.
So it means expensive for me :(
Up there is Vege niu maki soya(I think Japan doesn’t make that kind of sushi) and down there is normal kind of sushi.
I thought the sauce which in the pack was Soy sauce but that was tasting like sauce for Mitarashi dango(Japanese sweets) lol
Well, I enjoyed the sushi even not real one :)
I made and ate meat sauce fusilli for dinner today.
It was not too bad even though i cooked.
That’s it!
I ate Vegetable flavour instant noodle soup for lunch.
We bought it at Dollarama.
Mmm yummy.
It is good to eat when we feel alittle bit cold because it warms us up.
It tastes like Shio ramen(Japanese ramen) than vegetables.
I ate Instant oatmeal Maple and brown sugar flavor for breakfast.
I think the texture is strange for Japanese people.
I still can’t like the texture because it’s like vomit :(
Well, some people like it.
That’s it!
Last night, my girlfriend made Boiled chicken and vegetables for dinner :)
It was so yummy :D

Take a walk with a doggie.

The weather is not so good but I took a walk with this doggie.

There is small flood like this.

Even the way that I always pass through got flood :(

This is it.
Four O’clock Maple herbal tea.
It already smells like maple before open.
I thought it tastes sweet because of maple, but its kinda same like others(add sugar will be better tastes)
It’s herbal tea so blended with other things.
[Carob, apple pieces, roasted chicory root, fenugreek seeds, natural maple flavour, camomile flowers, cinnamon bark, liquorice root, linden flowers, anise seeds]
I liked it.
Mountain Dew White Out.
It’s a new lemon kind of Mountain Dew.
Tastes like C.C.Lemon which is drink from Japan.
They have other new flavors like grape kind, so you should try them :)
Possible to wash body of course, and face even hair.
Nivea for men. Silver protect shower gel.
It was around $4, but usually more like around $6 something.
It’s new kind of body wash for me even though it’s normal for people here.
Happy easter everyone!