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よこすか海軍カレーを食べてみた/Tried Yokosuka navy curry

お土産で頂きました『よこすか海軍カレー』を食べてみました=33My family gave me the retort pouch of curry as a souvenir, so i tried it :)箱の裏はこんな感じです↓This is the behind of the box.中身の見た目はこんな感じ(^-^)/This is what look like :D評価:★★★★☆Review: 4/5食べてみた感想なのですが、お子さん方も好みそうな甘口の美味しいカレーでした(^-^)dThat was so good, i think kids might like it too because it wasn't spicy at all ;)では!CU

江ノ島へ行ってきました/Went to Enoshima

結構経ってしまいましたが、僕と奥さんと家族で江ノ島まで行ってきました=33Few days ago, me and my wife, my family went to Enoshima which is an island in Kanagawa, Japan.入り口~The entrance僕らはエスカレータでぐーんと島の上まで行きました(^-^)We used the escalator to go up in this island :)シーキャンドルに到着~We also went to Sea Candle which is tower of Enoshima.タワーからの景色はこんな感じでした(^o^)/These are what look like from the tower :D次に歩いて洞窟へAfter the tower, we went to the cave in Enoshima by walk.途中には釣りしてる方々が↓On my way to the cave, there was people doing fishing.洞窟の中=33In the cave.帰り途中にイチゴミルクのカキ氷を食べましたよ(^p^)While going back, we ate Kaki-goori which is shaved ice. I took strawberry milk flavor one :dお昼にはとびっちょというお店でしらすの釜揚げ3色丼を食べました(^-^)dAt lunch time, we went to a restaurant called Tobittyo. And I took Kamaage shirasu san syoku don(Boiled whitebait by metal pots 3 colors rice bowl dish)美味かったけど、ボリューミーでした(^-^;)That was so good, but it had too much.では!CU!

ニッポンへ帰国/Came back to Japan!

1週間前くらいに僕の母国、ニッポンへ帰国して参りました(^-^)/About 1 week ago, I came back to my home country,  Japan!モントリオールの空港にて↓At Montreal airport↓空港内にはバーなんていうのもありましたよ~There was a bar in the airport.機内食のプレッツェルを頂きました、バターの風味があり美味しいです(^p^)I got this snack for free in the airplane, I liked it because of batter tastes :d日本へ向う途中の景色On my way to Japan12時間のフライトを終え、無事にニッポンへ=3312 hours flight, and then we finally arrived to Japan!これからはニッポンで頑張ります!I'm going to do my best with my wife in Japan!では!CU