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最後のプーティン / Last poutine


Today, me and my wife ate last poutine in Quebec (for while). I mean it will be last time to eat it in Quebec.


We ate chicken poutine :)


It was yummy, and also i'm gonna miss the real poutine x(

Tried Québecer Pizza

Few days ago, I tried Québecer Pizza which is food only in Québec, Canada.
It has bacon, mushrooms and pepperoni.
This is what look like.

Review: 4/5
That was exactly the kind of pizza I like.
You should try it if you have chance to come to Québec.


Went to Mont-Royal

Recently, I went to Mont-Royal in Montreal with my wife at night to see the night view :)
My camera isn’t so good, so it seems alittle bit bad quality. But this is what seem like.

There were so many “peep”, and they were looking for foods in the garbage cans.

The garbage can hunters are raccoons lol

They eat human foods, maybe that’s why they are fat?
I ate kind of profiterole that bought in the Italian foods shop in Montreal called Salerno after got back home.

That was yummy!

This is it.