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Tried Raspberry Ginger Blew

Me and my wife went to a candy shop called Bluk Barn :)
And there was interesting drinks like this :o

Reed’s Raspberry Ginger Blew.
This is what look like.

Review: 2/5
It was tasting weird for us, and alittle bit spicy because of ginger.
It tasted like ginger ale plus raspberry, but the ginger taste was strong lol
That’s it!


Picnic in Hawkesbury

Me and my wife and her workmate went to Hawkesbury, Ontario for picnic recently.
The day was great weather, but it was too hot though lol
We were near this bridge, the view was like this.

This kind of birds were walking around us.

And our beside was a huge lake, like this.

We were so comfortable even though it was hot in this day.
This is it.

in Québec…

People don’t have to put a vehicle registration plate in front of cars in Québec :0
Here is the example, like this.

“I like this car because it looks good :p”
It looks much more better without a vehicle registration plate in front, don’t you think??
But they need to put it on the back though!
This is it!


Played an old game

Recently, I played this old game :)
That is a pinball game!

Here is the looks of close to the broad.

This game was pretty much fun even though old.
But it’s kinda hard though!
I wish it could reset the point by it self when the ball fell.
This is it!