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I went to St Hubert restaurant

On 18th, I got married.
I think i got dyhydration, but the wedding was done without any problems.
After the wedding, we went to St Hubert for celebration.

This is what i choose.

I don’t remember the name of it, but i think it was pasta something.
Review: 4/5
I couldn’t finish it, but it was so good.

Pepsi King can

We bought Pepsi King can.

Pepsi, 473ml cola.

Review: 4/5
It tasted same as normal cans.
I recommend it for people who love Pepsi.

Tried Kellogg's new cereal.

I tried Kelloggs’s mini-wheats centres (Mixed berry flavour).

Calories 190, Fat 1g, Sodium 10mg, Sugar 10g.
This is what it looks like.

I tried it without milk first, and the texture was like dried noodle.
It tastes better with milk, of course.
Review: 2/5
It gets milk so much that is alittle bit heavy for tummy.
And it’s too sweet for cereal, so i gave 2 points.

I found this vehicle.

I found Japanese heavy equipment.

Komatsu. I’m surprised that i saw it here in Canada.

My favorite drink Lipton Green tea

I recommend this my favorite drink.

Lipton Green tea with citrus.
This is what inside looked like.

It tastes like added green tea into Lemon tea.
I don’t know how can i explain, but it tastes good.
Review: 5/5
It’s perfect drink for me.

Tried Jalapeno & Teriyaki beef jerky

I tried Jack Link’s Jalapeno and Teriyaki beef jerky.
I ate Jalapeno one first.

It smells jalapeno so much, and also tastes jalapeno too.
Spicy level: 3/5
Review: 4/5
It wasn’t too spicy even though it says Hot, and allitle bit sweet.

I ate Teriyaki one after Jalapeno.
It was sweet for beef jerky.
Review: 5/5
I love it! It tastes good, so i gave 5 points.

I tried pickled pork tongues

As you know by the title, I tried this pickled pork tongues.

Took it out from the jar, and here is it.

It tasted like grilled pork tongues + sour.
Review: 2/5
The looks is too much for me and I prefer grilled one than this. So I put just 2 points.
I recommend it for people who like pork meat or like to try weird stuff.
It’s a review for Brunswick’s Seafood Snacks, boneless herring fillets (Kipered).
It was 1.25CD at Dollarama.
It’s made in Canada as you can see the maple leaf on it.
It was not too different from Japanese fish cans.
Review: 3/5
It was as yummy as other kind of fish cans.
It’s cheap, and I recommend it when you’re a little bit hungry.
The looks is not so good, but I made Québec meal Macaroni Chinois for dinner.
Chinois means Chinese in French.
My girlfriend said I cooked well so I’m glad.
Review: none
It was so good but I don’t put review cuz I made it.
I ate Pillsbury’s Toaster Strudel (Blue berry)
This sweets is super easy to make that just put it in the toaster.
It has some sugar pastes in the box, so you can draw anything on it.
Review: 4/5
Fast, easy, yummy, so i put 4/5!
It must be 5/5 if it was alittle bit bigger.
I recommend it for people who don’t have enough time in morning.
Review about this energy drink Red Rain with taurine.
The price is less than Red Bull (I guess…) And tastes like Red Bull.
It has enough cider as you can see.
Maybe it’s enough to drink 1 can each day because it has taurine.
Review: 4/5
Enough cider and tastes good! I recommend it for the day that you’re tired.