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Hawaiian pizza :3
We found them at Super marché PA in Laval. Japanese useful seasonings and Somen(noodle).

About 20th

This day was great weather to go out, so i decided to go walk for long distance.

First point of the course.

That’s a river, but there is alot of snow lol

It means “after 2km, there is a information”

turning point at a park.

I wanted to sit down alittle bit…

The snow looks like sugar.

Just took this pic.

It took around 2 hours to get back home. It looks like this in the map.


eating pink popcorns… I like it.

Dinner time

I post about dinner from lastnight.

We ate pork steaks and drunk red wine.

And black olives, cheese etc… were also yummy :d (We went to a super market to get cheap foods before dinner)
Than love someone, than someone loves you, I think it is the beginning of happiness that love yourself first.