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先週の台風について/About the typhoon in last week


in last week, the big typhoon passed Japan


On wednesday, I was working at the day. So i went out for work.


The river was flooding lol


Normally we can go through this way, but it was getting flood too


There was also rainbow :)


There was strong wind, but not raining :)



よこすか海軍カレーを食べてみた/Tried Yokosuka navy curry

お土産で頂きました『よこすか海軍カレー』を食べてみました=33My family gave me the retort pouch of curry as a souvenir, so i tried it :)箱の裏はこんな感じです↓This is the behind of the box.中身の見た目はこんな感じ(^-^)/This is what look like :D評価:★★★★☆Review: 4/5食べてみた感想なのですが、お子さん方も好みそうな甘口の美味しいカレーでした(^-^)dThat was so good, i think kids might like it too because it wasn't spicy at all ;)では!CU

江ノ島へ行ってきました/Went to Enoshima

結構経ってしまいましたが、僕と奥さんと家族で江ノ島まで行ってきました=33Few days ago, me and my wife, my family went to Enoshima which is an island in Kanagawa, Japan.入り口~The entrance僕らはエスカレータでぐーんと島の上まで行きました(^-^)We used the escalator to go up in this island :)シーキャンドルに到着~We also went to Sea Candle which is tower of Enoshima.タワーからの景色はこんな感じでした(^o^)/These are what look like from the tower :D次に歩いて洞窟へAfter the tower, we went to the cave in Enoshima by walk.途中には釣りしてる方々が↓On my way to the cave, there was people doing fishing.洞窟の中=33In the cave.帰り途中にイチゴミルクのカキ氷を食べましたよ(^p^)While going back, we ate Kaki-goori which is shaved ice. I took strawberry milk flavor one :dお昼にはとびっちょというお店でしらすの釜揚げ3色丼を食べました(^-^)dAt lunch time, we went to a restaurant called Tobittyo. And I took Kamaage shirasu san syoku don(Boiled whitebait by metal pots 3 colors rice bowl dish)美味かったけど、ボリューミーでした(^-^;)That was so good, but it had too much.では!CU!

ニッポンへ帰国/Came back to Japan!

1週間前くらいに僕の母国、ニッポンへ帰国して参りました(^-^)/About 1 week ago, I came back to my home country,  Japan!モントリオールの空港にて↓At Montreal airport↓空港内にはバーなんていうのもありましたよ~There was a bar in the airport.機内食のプレッツェルを頂きました、バターの風味があり美味しいです(^p^)I got this snack for free in the airplane, I liked it because of batter tastes :d日本へ向う途中の景色On my way to Japan12時間のフライトを終え、無事にニッポンへ=3312 hours flight, and then we finally arrived to Japan!これからはニッポンで頑張ります!I'm going to do my best with my wife in Japan!では!CU

最後のプーティン / Last poutine


Today, me and my wife ate last poutine in Quebec (for while). I mean it will be last time to eat it in Quebec.


We ate chicken poutine :)


It was yummy, and also i'm gonna miss the real poutine x(

Tried Québecer Pizza

Few days ago, I tried Québecer Pizza which is food only in Québec, Canada.
It has bacon, mushrooms and pepperoni.
This is what look like.

Review: 4/5
That was exactly the kind of pizza I like.
You should try it if you have chance to come to Québec.


Went to Mont-Royal

Recently, I went to Mont-Royal in Montreal with my wife at night to see the night view :)
My camera isn’t so good, so it seems alittle bit bad quality. But this is what seem like.

There were so many “peep”, and they were looking for foods in the garbage cans.

The garbage can hunters are raccoons lol

They eat human foods, maybe that’s why they are fat?
I ate kind of profiterole that bought in the Italian foods shop in Montreal called Salerno after got back home.

That was yummy!

This is it.

Tried Raspberry Ginger Blew

Me and my wife went to a candy shop called Bluk Barn :)
And there was interesting drinks like this :o

Reed’s Raspberry Ginger Blew.
This is what look like.

Review: 2/5
It was tasting weird for us, and alittle bit spicy because of ginger.
It tasted like ginger ale plus raspberry, but the ginger taste was strong lol
That’s it!


Picnic in Hawkesbury

Me and my wife and her workmate went to Hawkesbury, Ontario for picnic recently.
The day was great weather, but it was too hot though lol
We were near this bridge, the view was like this.

This kind of birds were walking around us.

And our beside was a huge lake, like this.

We were so comfortable even though it was hot in this day.
This is it.

in Québec…

People don’t have to put a vehicle registration plate in front of cars in Québec :0
Here is the example, like this.

“I like this car because it looks good :p”
It looks much more better without a vehicle registration plate in front, don’t you think??
But they need to put it on the back though!
This is it!


Played an old game

Recently, I played this old game :)
That is a pinball game!

Here is the looks of close to the broad.

This game was pretty much fun even though old.
But it’s kinda hard though!
I wish it could reset the point by it self when the ball fell.
This is it!


Nescafe 3 in 1

All in 1 instant coffee is here!

I got this new Nescafe 3 in 1 at Maxi :)

We don’t have to buy whitener and sugar because they are already included :o
This is what look like.

It’s a great balance of these things.
Not too sweet, not too bitter… I bet you might like it too :D
I recommend it!

My birthday

26th was my birthday :)
So my wife bought me two cakes!
1st one was chocolate cake :D

2nd one was mango strawberry mousse cake :)

She bought them at Super C.
I liked them so much!
Was yum yum :d
That’s it!


Tried Amp Energy drink

I got this energy drink at Dollarama :)

That was cheaper than buy at other places xD
This is what look like :o

The color of the drink is between green and yellow.
It has Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana.
And it says “Natural health product” on it.
473 ml.
Review: 4/5
I like it!
Tastes good and enough cider :D
This is it.


Drank Sapporo beer

Me and my wife bought 2 cans of Sapporo beer :)

That was big can for me like 650ml :o
The alcohol % is 5 %.
Review: 4/5
It tastes clear than other beer, and smooth.
I like it :D
This is it.


Tried Peanut Brittle

I got this snack at Dollarama because that looks interesting for me :)

This is what look like ;)

Review: 2/5
The pieces are smaller than I thought because of the image on the box :(

And It tastes like eat almonds with sugar…
This is it.


Art from garbage

Me and my wife went to library few days ago, and then we went to up stare of the library :)

There is art things that an artist Paul Gagné made :D

I am going to show you some of them here!

Also there is other kind too B)

Again, these things are made with garbage :o
And also he sell them xD
Here is the price seat.

It was pretty fun to look!
This is it.