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Leisurely Tuesday

Today, I went out for shopping.
I had lunch out of home. It was been long time.
Voodoo Chicken Finger and Keith.

Red Velvet Cake and Screwdriver.

It could be awesome if it was sunyday.
This is it!

Free style market in Québec

Recently, I went to Québec for 4 days.
By bus at this time.
It was first time to use 2 floor bus in my life, so i was so excited.

There was a big free style market, so i went look.

At a super market called Métro.


Event for Coors Light Iced T

My workmate invited to this event, so i went there.
I don’t remember where was, but the place was beside of sea and the view was beautiful.

I got 2 cans of Coors Light Iced T for free.
It was in a night club.
It felt like weekend even though was Tuesday.

DJ Panda.

Dance, dance!
It was kinda dancing day.

Takoyaki party

2nd in this month, I went to my share house mate’s new home for Takoyaki party.
It’s been long time to eat takoyaki, so it was yummy.

I had fun!
Thank you!


This day was cheap to watch any movies, so i went to watch “Hanger Games”.

At Scotiabank Theatre.

Till the time, I had time to break. So I bought a cookie and hot chocolate.

The movie was kinda English ver. of “Battle Royale” witch is Japanese movie.
But it had romance than that Japanese one.