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Merry Christmas

I ate buffet that i helped to prepare in this day :d
I got a candle which smells maple for christmas present

And Coldplay’s album from my fiancee.

Also i got a coffee maker and Im trying it now :d

Shovel the snow

I was helping to shovel the snow but it was too much snow for me, so im very tired today ^^;

Using a snowblower.
21st, today is not end of the world but its snow storm here. The snow is getting more and more…
Onion gratin soup. Its soo easy to make and tastes good :d 1st. make onion soup and put into a terracotta. 2nd. put slice of baguette in and put cheese on it. 3rd. put in the oven and wait until the cheese malt. :]
My girlfriend(@sabrinapannitti) made a cute pompom pig for me :] Merciii
It’s going to be Christmas soon. I’m excited to open those presents :]