Day 2 in New York

It was on the way to New York.

We arrived at New York City in morning.

I walked around the city.

Century 21.

They have many expensive things, but you can buy it by low price.

I bought this hat.

There was alots police.

A long line of cabs.

When we went to the bus stop, most ways were closed. So I missed the bus lol (Actually, other people got on the bus)

I walked around the city alone.

I took a nap at Starbucks Coffee where is near Central Park.

Next, I went to Times Square.

There were alot of people lol

Happy New Year! in alot of people.

There are only fire works.

To a meeting point.

I met my room mate of the hotel on my way to the place.

Our tour guide gave us train tickets, so we went back to the hotel by train.

We missed a station, so we waited for next train at wrong station.

We took a cub to go back to the hotel when we arrived at the station.

We arrived at the hotel at 6am.

To be continued… 


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