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The day was snowing.

Christie Pits Park.

I ate a burger at Burger King. Actually, I hadn’t eaten any burgers for a long time.


Toronto with snowing is beautiful.

Can you see CN tower??

Who’s footmark??

I went to Cosmetic World where is near Bloor x Isabella to buy this on my way to home.

La Riche Directions(Apple green)
I think most stores in Toronto have only these colors, red, black, brown, blonde
If you wanna buy strange colors, you should go to the store.
And also, I went to Shoppers to buy this

When I went to a clothes shop, I saw the cat that’s sitting on jeans.

I cooked a chicken steak for lunch.

It made from a chicken and ketchup, white wine, a garlic, olive oil.
This is the simple.

Boxing Day

Today is boxing day, so most shops or stores have sales.
I bought these without sales.

An animal hood and a sunglasses.
It’s nothing special haha


In this day, I walked around the city. Actually, most shops are close this day.

The day was cloudy.


Free skate court.

I went to a cosplay shop to buy a santa hat :)

Next, I was meeting with my friend, and then I went to his home for christmas party.
I was chillin at black people’s house, and also that’s my first time in my life.
I was listening to reggae christmas songs.
I felt tropical haha

I ate the delicious meal for dinner. His mom cooked it. It was yummy :)
When I was on my way to home, I got a call from my japanese friend. we went to St. Louis pub.
We talked alot haha
I bought a double chocolate cake for christmas.

Dufferin station has changed the look to Space

I had fun this christmas day.


I went to Dufferin mall around 12 pm.
I bought a couple of glasses at Benix & Co where is in the mall.

The glasses are a little bit expensive, but they were on sale.
Next, I went to LCBO where is in Ossington, and then I bought a bottle of Smirnoff vodka.

Finally, I bought juice for cocktail at a small store on my way to home.

This is a bonus of Smirnoff vodka. It’s too strong for me.



I went to SAKE with my share mates to enjoy a last day in Canada of my share mate today.
There is close Christie station.
The Japanese restaurant is my work mate’s favorite restaurant.
If you don’t any order, you don’t worry about it. They bring some foods for service.
The restaurant is better than other Japanese restaurants in Toronto.
Oh, I forgot to take pics.

Christmas Party

On Sunday, there was a Christmas party for stuff of Madison Ave Pub & Paupers Pub.
The place was Paupers.
There is inside of the pub.

Those are look delicious (Actually, those were yummy)
Party party.

The meals were awesome. I had fun so much.

My friend's birthday dinner

Today, I had a birthday dinner party for my workmate (Also friend)
I went to Mandarin Chinese restaurant where is in 2200 Yonge St.
It was Chinese Buffet.
It costs around $23 for me.
I had fun there.

Turkey's Day

Today is Turkey’s day (It’s not holiday, just event).
So, this store where is near my work place gave turkeys for free.

Loooong line up from left side to right side (Actually more)

I think first person got this line at 5, 6 a.m.
I was going to get line for the turkey, but it’s too long to wait. So i didn’t.
There was many Chinese and Korean people.

"A very Harold&Kumar 3D Christmas"

Yesterday, I went watch a movie with my workmates.
Before that, I went to Dufferin Mall and there was sell things for Black Day.
I bought this coat because it was $50 usually $150.

I was meeting at a bar called “Kilogour’s”.
We watched “A very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas” and this is comedy movie.

It has a story but also has alot of black jokes.
This is 2nd story by the way.
This is it.