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Kenzo Ramen

I went to Kenzo Ramen where in Downtown of Toronto.
The address is 138 Dundas Street West.
Tonkotsu ramen around $10.

Gyoza around $9.

It was yummy.
But it was not alots even though the price. maybe i give 1 point for these.
I’m happy that it was been a long time to eat ramen though.
This is it!

Howie D from Backstreet Boys at trYst

Lastnight, I went to an event that Howie D from Backstreet Boys comes to Tryst which is night club.
Before that, I was watching this drummer who looks like Jesse Eisenberg’s playing .

The drums had amazing illuminations.

He came so late. Here we go, Howie D.

He has high tone voice like he took helium gas.

Writing autograph… 

This is it.


Cooney For Hair

I went to Japanese? hair salon, Cooney For Hair.
The address is 441 Queen St West.

It’s been about 3 months to cut and dye my hair.

I feel so light! but it was so expensive.
For just cut, it costs $45 plus tax.
now in September, right?

Dinner at Madison Avenue Pub

I went out for dinner .
At Madison Avenue Pub where near Spadina station.

I ate Eggplant Napolean which was special menu.

It had a fried eggplant on center of the meal.
It was yummy.
A school bus was on road randomly.

I took this picture on my way home.
This is it.
September 5, 2011

Canadian National Exhibition

At this day, I went to an amusement park called CNE (Canadian National Exhibition).
Actually I went there for free concert of Lights who is Canadian musician.
It was so long to walk from Union station.
By the way, I could enter to the amusement park for just $5 because it was over 5pm.

I was so interested in these attractions, but I didn’t enough time.
Live stage!

Opening act was Michou.

It was first time to listen to their music, and was good.
Her concert is started.

The man who was front of me was having so much fun lol
It was great concert.
This is it.
August 25, 2011

Super market Longos

I went to a super market which is my teacher suggested to me after school.
The name is Longos.

Looks so good.

I bought foods, cookies and ice cream.
This is it.
August 19, 2011

Found Paupers Pub

I will skip somethings because i got happening.
Took a break at Starbucks after school.

I went to meet to an owner of house for finding new home.
He shown me another house because the schedule doesn’t mach with first house.
It was so cheap.
Anyways, I got new home, so i said bye to the owner.
I walked to Spadina station.
I found a good pub by walk.
This is the pub PAUPERS PUB.
Their french fries are so yummy.

Strawberry cream martini.
This is it.
August 15, 2011

Sushi time

My school mate invited me to go eat sushi today, so i went.
I went back home after school, and i updated my phone. But i forgot to do backup, so my data without SD card is almost none.
Anyways, i went to meeting point, but there was no one and i can’t contact to anyone.
I gave up and went to McDonalds for dinner.
When i was going home, they were at the station.
We went to Japanese restaurant even though i ate already.

I was so happy because it’s been a long time to eat sushi.

It was so yummy, but i ate too much.
This is it.
August 10, 2011

Met Nick Carter & Patrick Stump

It’s been a long time to update.
Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys was coming to HMV where is Queen St West at this day.
So I went there after school.
In the shop and outside, there was a looong line.

Nick had released his new album at this day in Canada (Actually already released in Japan and have it)
But I bought the CD for my memory.
When i buy it, the stuff of this CD shop asked me like “We don’t have the list bands for meeting Nick Carter, but do you still buy it?” I didn’t know that lol
When i was at a park where near the CD shop, I heard screaming at around 6pm.
So I went there where I heard it, and they were doing open recording of TV program at CTV.

When I was thinking  that maybe someone who is famous person in the studio, I heard someone said like “Niiiick! come here toooo!”
I was like hmm? And I looked that he was answering for interview.
He heard her, so he came out of the studio.

He was giving autographs and taking pictures for fans.
I was doing my best too like “Niiiick!” and here we…