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Ate chicken burger at KFC

I took a shower in the morning and checking stuff on my computer whole day at this day.
I went out at around 5pm, and I went to food court in Toronto Eaton Centre.
I bought a chicken burger combo at Kentucky Fried Chicken.
It was like sand cheese and bacon with 2 fried chickens. 

It was smaller than the image.
It was so yummy.
I had meeting with a person who is looking new person for home.
And looked around the house.
It wasn’t too bad.
But it didn’t match with my request.
This is it.
August 6, 2011

Recommend Quiznos Sub

I ate a honey musterd chicken sandwich at Quiznos Sub for lunch.

I ate it even though the stuff gave me wrong sandwich.
It is no problem because it was yummy lol
I was looking for new home after school at home.
This is it.
August 5, 2011

New Toronto Rocket

I had enough time in this morning too.
I bought a sandwich, a lemon cranberry scorn and a cup of vanilla latte at Starbucks for lunch.
I didnt have time, so i went back to school fast.
I had time after school until meeting time, so i was checking Facebook.
I went to the meeting point after 1 hour.
When i was waiting for subway, there was coming new train.

I was so excited even though i’m totally not interested in trains.
The smell was so much like new stuff and clean.
It has easy information, and doesnt have door between blocks of the train.
This is the new train.


Normal train.


I got off the station near the point, and i went by bus after.
The house that might be my new home was not done yet.
I went back home because i had nothing to do.
This is it.
August 4, 2011


I ate a hot dog (Beef) at the stand that i found yesterday.
I really like it because yummy and cheap.
I was feeling weird because i through a day with new schedule.
I got appointment to see rent house tomorrow after i got a call.
I looked stuff on internet for a while, and then i went sleep at around 5pm.
I woke up around 9pm, but went sleep back.


I had lunch at Teriyaki today.
I bought a donuts and cafe mocha, and took a break at Starbucks.

I looked around, and there is a hot dog stand.
And it’s just $2.50.

I bought a glass for a flower and cora at Dollarama near my home.
I bought a chicken sand to go at Pizza Pizza for dinner.
It was so big.
This is it.


Most shops are closed today because its holiday.
I woke up 6am, And i was going to down town but i couldnt buy a ticket at subway.
So i went back home.
And i was updating my blog.
I had dinner at McDonalds, and went to Chinese super market near my home.
I bought bread, instant coffee and cookies there.
This is it.


A Brazilian man came my home for home stay at 10am.
I woke up at same time as that, so i went back to sleep for 2 more hours.
I ate bread for lunch.
I fell a sleep while relaxing on my bed, and i woke up evening.
Around 7pm, I bought a sandwich, cookies and milk at Tim Hortons near my home for dinner.
I was looking stuff on internet, but my roommate was going to sleep. So i went sleep at same time as him (Actually i wanted to stay awake)
This is it.

Night Club Tryst

I woke up afternoon today.
I went to dawn town after talked with my brother on Skype.
I ate famous teriyaki at Teriyaki in food court of Toronto Eaton Centre.

I hadnt eaten beef and rice for a long time
I went to the night club called Tryst after dinner.

I thought that there was alots people, but there wasn’t and even not open yet.
So I bought mocha frappuccino and cookies at Starbucks near the club.
Even that, i had too much time, so I walked around.
We could enter the club at around 10:30pm, so i paid $20 for the entrance.
I think i went there too early because just few people were there.
Many people were coming to the club after 11pm.
Im going there around 11:00pm next time.
The bartender told me that if i leave my passport and credit card until im done, I can buy drink for low price. So I did.
I dont remember the time but Lindsey Gayle came there as they told. 
And I was so surprised because Deadmau5 was with her.
I was so happy to see him.
with Deadmau5.

He took pictures with me nicely even i tho…

A farewell party

There were alot of smog in this morning.

It seems like a game called Silent Hill
I bought cora, a cookie and honey mustard chicken sandwich at Quiznos Sub.

This is so good, you should try it if you had chances to get it.
By the way, i got a coupon from news paper for this day. So I got the sandwich for 50%off.
It was $7 usually $14.
I went to withdraw my money after lunch.
I bought a cookie and passion something drink at Starbucks after school.
I got a meeting with my friends for a farewell party at friend’s house.
We went to the house after meeting.
I saw shisha (Water pipe) first time in my life.
It was too much looking for me, so just I was like “…..”
I left from the house at around 12:30am.
We had fun together anyways.
July 29, 2011

Night club Momentos

I went out from my home early today.
I made a resume when i got at school.
I went to a store that someone introduced to me after lunch.
And I gave the resume to them.
I bought a cookie, a sandwich and strawberry smoothie at Starbucks for lunch.

I went back home after school, and i got ready.
Went to dawn town to meet with my friends.
I had dinner at Starbucks and then went to night club called Momentos.
I dont know why but the stuff of the club didnt want us go in, but we could enter after we paid $10 for the entrance.

Took without flash.

We had fun.
I went back home around 12:30am.
And went sleep after relaxed.
This is it.
July 27, 2011


I brought bread for lunch today.
But I bought a cookie and a cup of cafe mocha at Starbucks.
I walked around Toronto Eaton Centre after.
I went look few phone shops because it isnt good the company that i use.
I went back to school and then I was making resume. 
After school, I went to give my resume to a Japanese store, but they were not looking for people anymore. So they introduced to me other stores.
I had enough time to go to the store, so i went.
It takes 30 mins from near subway, and it was closed because tuesday.
This is it.


I went to the store which i gave my resume today.
Because they didnt answer for a long time.
There was different person at this day, so I talked about it. But I have no choice to wait.
This is it.


I stayed at home as yesterday.
I ate spaghetti and fried chicken for lunch. 
It was awesome lunch for me because i was eating bread for a long time.
This is it.
Sorry for this short blog recently.


There was nothing special at this day.
I went to Dollarama for foods etc… after school.
I was using my laptop whole day.
Like changing setting of accounts on SNS.
This is it.

Opened account of bank

I called to credit card company that i use after lunch today.
And i need to open account of bank, so i went to a bank called TD Canada Trust.
I was talking with the stuff and opened account without any troubles. 
It was so easy than I thought.
I bought a cookie and vanilla latte at Starbucks after that.
I went back to school to have 3 block of class.
This is it.
July 22, 2011


I was doing my homework with a cookie and chocolate milk at food court in Toronto Eaton Centre after lunch today.
I went to a bank to ask about my credit card.
I needed to call to a credit card company that i use finally.
This is it.


I walked around the city after lunch.
I was drinking coffee on a bench.
I made my resume and then i went to a store after school.
I gave the resume to the store.
I bought fruit smoothie(mix berry) at Tim Hortons on my way to a subway.
I went to buy cookies and instant noodle at Dollarama near my home.
I bought a sandwich for dinner and this original cup at Tim Hortons near my home.

This is it.


I had so much time in the morning, so i had breakfast at this day.
The classes and students might change on every tuesday, so mines changed too.
My third class which listening and speaking is so different between my old class, so its so difficult for me.
I tried to print out my resume that i made at home, but i couldnt because i forgot to save it to my SD card.
Anyways, I went to a store which i want to work,
I was in shock because it looks different than i saw on the internet.
I was looking for other jobs when i went back home.
This is it.


I slept over today.
But i could be at school in 1st class because i tried to be fast.
It was last day for same class with other students, so we took a picture.
I ate a sandwich, cookie and drank coffee at Tim Hortons.
I went back home without go to somewhere, and then I was making resume.
This is it.