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Last day on French Canada Tour

I went out from the hotel early at this day.
We went to Tim Hortons so I ate a hamburger, chocolate cookie and drank coffee for breakfast.
We went to Old Port in Montréal by bus.

We went to 1000 island after.

I like cruise.

There are castles or houses on the islands.
I had fun to look.
We went back to Toronto by bus.
I felt that I am happy to join this tour.
July 17, 2011

Day 2 on French Canada Tour

I woke up 7:30am this day.
I bought a sandwich and cafe latte at Second Cup for breakfast.
We were taking our time, so we didnt notice the time to meet up.
And we went back to the hotel late.
We went to a park first.

While moving to other places.

To Canadian France called Québec City.
(My french friend said it looks like Paris)

We went to AshTon (Fast food shop)

I ate Canadian meal called Poutine.

It has cheddar cheese and gravy sauce on french fries.
It tastes so good but its kind of heavy for tummy, so I suggest small size.
Most fast food shops or restaurant in Canada have it, so you should try.

At a church.

An amazing drawing on the wall.

I felt so much like visitor, and then we went back to the hotel.
The tour guide told as like “There is going to do an open circus by students of Sirque de Soleil for free”
So we went there.

Even though its for free…

By students…


The quality is…

Soooo goood!
I was so amazed in this circus.

I was so surprised many things today.
July 16, 2011