The day was snowing.

Christie Pits Park.

I ate a burger at Burger King. Actually, I hadn’t eaten any burgers for a long time.


Toronto with snowing is beautiful.

Can you see CN tower??

Who’s footmark??

I went to Cosmetic World where is near Bloor x Isabella to buy this on my way to home.

La Riche Directions(Apple green)

I think most stores in Toronto have only these colors, red, black, brown, blonde

If you wanna buy strange colors, you should go to the store.

And also, I went to Shoppers to buy this


When I went to a clothes shop, I saw the cat that’s sitting on jeans.

I cooked a chicken steak for lunch.

It made from a chicken and ketchup, white wine, a garlic, olive oil.

This is the simple.



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