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Black Friday

Yesterday was Black Friday, so shops had sells.

At Toronto Eaton Centre.
Huge deer.

Huge christmas tree.

It was amazing.
I wanted to buy something at H&M but I didn’t buy because there was nothing interesting.
This is it.

Twilight Saga/Breaking dawn

Yesterday, my friends invited me to go watch movie “Twilight Saga/Breaking dawn” so I went.

On Tuesday, it’s cheaper than usually to watch movies at any theatre. Was $7.50.
Most people came to watch that movie at this day.
It was good.
It think It was too fast to change the scenes.
I can’t tell the story until you watched lol

My friends gave me things

My workmate said “It’s cold in winter in Canada” and he gave me some clothes.
Jacket of Roots.

A Cap.

From today.

Jacket of Levi’s, track suit from Japan (I don’t know why he had it lol)

A sweater of Monaco?, a hat and gloves (He bought them for me)

This is it.


Yesterday, I went to theatre with my school mates after school.
At Rainbow Cinemas.

We can watch movies for just $5 here even though other theatre also have cheaper ticket at this day.
The place is so good, but it seems like we came to theatre in 70’s.
But you can watch movies normally.
We watched “IN TIME”

The action movie which is Justin Timberlake in.
People who live in this world have money=life in the movie.
This movie was good that I wanna watch it again in my language.
This is it.

Happy Halloween!

It was Halloween today.
There was many cosplayer at my workplace.
I felt like weekend at this day.
After work, I had small party with my workmates
I played this game.

It was easy to play, and also was fun.
This is it.

Recent shopping

At saturday, I bought this Scream costume.

It’s going to be Halloween, so I wanna enjoy. So i got it.
I bought a coat and a sweater at H&M yesterday.

It’s 2 degrees now and afternoon was 5 degrees, too cold.
The coat was $50 by 50% off.
The sweater was around $30.
This is it.