Met Nick Carter & Patrick Stump

It’s been a long time to update.

Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys was coming to HMV where is Queen St West at this day.

So I went there after school.

In the shop and outside, there was a looong line.



Nick had released his new album at this day in Canada (Actually already released in Japan and have it)

But I bought the CD for my memory.

When i buy it, the stuff of this CD shop asked me like “We don’t have the list bands for meeting Nick Carter, but do you still buy it?” I didn’t know that lol

When i was at a park where near the CD shop, I heard screaming at around 6pm.

So I went there where I heard it, and they were doing open recording of TV program at CTV.


When I was thinking  that maybe someone who is famous person in the studio, I heard someone said like “Niiiick! come here toooo!”

I was like hmm? And I looked that he was answering for interview.

He heard her, so he came out of the studio.


He was giving autographs and taking pictures for fans.

I was doing my best too like “Niiiick!” and here we go, he gave me this autograph.


I think people came here for just see him because people went away after him.

While people were going away, next famous person came.


I was like who is he?

Other people who were around me also like Who is him?

I really didn’t know who is, so i asked to a person who seems like know the man. And the person said like “I heard that he is something boy”

Well, I can’t know who is by just “something boy” lol

So I looked in the studio, and there was a person who had a CD which is Fall Out Boy.

I finally got know who is.

Fans service.


With Patrick Stump.


It was amazing day that I met 2 famous people.


August 9, 2011


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