Night Club Tryst

I woke up afternoon today.

I went to dawn town after talked with my brother on Skype.

I ate famous teriyaki at Teriyaki in food court of Toronto Eaton Centre.


I hadnt eaten beef and rice for a long time

I went to the night club called Tryst after dinner.


I thought that there was alots people, but there wasn’t and even not open yet.

So I bought mocha frappuccino and cookies at Starbucks near the club.

Even that, i had too much time, so I walked around.

We could enter the club at around 10:30pm, so i paid $20 for the entrance.

I think i went there too early because just few people were there.

Many people were coming to the club after 11pm.

Im going there around 11:00pm next time.

The bartender told me that if i leave my passport and credit card until im done, I can buy drink for low price. So I did.

I dont remember the time but Lindsey Gayle came there as they told. 

And I was so surprised because Deadmau5 was with her.

I was so happy to see him.

with Deadmau5.

He took pictures with me nicely even i thought he would not.

Dance, dance!


DJ booth.




There was this cool man.


At the bar.


When i was going out from the club at around 15 minutes before close, a man said to me like “Oh you have a nice hat, can you take a picture of us by the way?” So I did it nicely.

After done it, he said “Can we talk a little bit?” so I was talking with the man. And I got to know that he is an owner of the night club while talking.

Maybe he liked me and he let me to stay there even 3 o’clock (Closing time) Normally they might kick people out.

He gave me drink for free and also we were talking alots.

He gave me this flower for proof of brothers.


I got his contact and he told me that next time, he might let me to enter for low price. He is so nice person.

At 3:30am, I left there. And walked to a bluenight bus stop near Dundas station.

But even the bus came, there was too many people that I cant get in. So I walked to a bus stop near Yonge station.

It didnt change as much as that bus stop, but I got in 3rd one.

Switched to another bus at Eglinton street. When I got off to my neighbor , there was sun like morning.


After got back home, I did Skype and went sleep at around 8am.

This is it.


July 30, 2011


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