New Toronto Rocket

I had enough time in this morning too.

I bought a sandwich, a lemon cranberry scorn and a cup of vanilla latte at Starbucks for lunch.

I didnt have time, so i went back to school fast.

I had time after school until meeting time, so i was checking Facebook.

I went to the meeting point after 1 hour.

When i was waiting for subway, there was coming new train.


I was so excited even though i’m totally not interested in trains.

The smell was so much like new stuff and clean.

It has easy information, and doesnt have door between blocks of the train.

This is the new train.




Normal train.




I got off the station near the point, and i went by bus after.

The house that might be my new home was not done yet.

I went back home because i had nothing to do.

This is it.


August 4, 2011


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