A farewell party

There were alot of smog in this morning.




It seems like a game called Silent Hill

I bought cora, a cookie and honey mustard chicken sandwich at Quiznos Sub.


This is so good, you should try it if you had chances to get it.

By the way, i got a coupon from news paper for this day. So I got the sandwich for 50%off.

It was $7 usually $14.

I went to withdraw my money after lunch.

I bought a cookie and passion something drink at Starbucks after school.

I got a meeting with my friends for a farewell party at friend’s house.

We went to the house after meeting.

I saw shisha (Water pipe) first time in my life.

It was too much looking for me, so just I was like “…..”

I left from the house at around 12:30am.

We had fun together anyways.


July 29, 2011


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