I’ve been days without wifi.

In this morning, I’m so relaxed by wild squirrels on my way to school.

I got lost when i went through different way after i got out from subway, but i got school in time.

I ate Honey Mustard Chicken sandwich at Quiznos Subs for my lunch.

Was yummy.

After lunch, i walked around shops. And I went back to school.

I suppose to go to the phone shop, but they might get my new phone late. So i didn’t go today.

We went walk around the city with eating pizzas.

After that, we were going to a beach, but it was too late.

On our way to the beach, an old man who was eating blueberries told us how to go there. And the man could speak some Japanese.

When we were leaving from the man, he gave me the blueberries.

I wasn’t wanted it, but blueberries are good for eyes. So i was kinda happy.

This is it.



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