First day of Canadian life 2011/6/20

I woke up 3 times today.

In morning like around 7am, there is not my host mother. So I was relaxing with her dog named Forest.

I had breakfast and went out.

I couldn’t lock the door, and neighbor helped me out.

It took so much time to find entrance of the subway.

I got place where near my school when it was almost the time to start.

At the orientation of the school, they told me about system of the school and rules like English policy that if we spoke in other languages, they give penalties.

And also we walked around the school.

At around lunch time, it’s all done. And school mates who became friends after talked to me.

We invited other school mates like Mexican, Spanish, Brazilian x2, Colombian to eat at McDonalds. 

Aftert that we walked around in Toronto.



↓Dundas Square.


↓Shopping mall.


↓Dundas Square 2


We took a break at Hardrock Cafe.

I was so happy because i got wifi there.

I got lost on my way home in subway.

But i learnt the subway because of this.

It is not hard to know because It has directions.

I couldn’t get wifi when i got back home.

This is it!



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