Day of departures 2011/6/19

Today is the day that i’m going to Canada.

I woke up early and got ready. I said good bye to my dad and grand mom.

I had time so i ate sushi at my aunt’s home.

I went to Narita by train.

I was so nervous.

When i arrived to Narita airport, I got a ticket and gave my stuff.


I walked around in the airport until the time.

At 5pm, I went to the gate and i said bye to my mom, brother and cousin.

I went through the security and got in the airplane.

"Good bye Japan"

From take off, it was so long until landing.

I slept just few times.

I spent time by listened to music.


↑Jessy J

The foods of airplane was not good.

It took 11 hours and 30 minutes, I arrived to Canada.

"Hello Canada"


The immigration check was so big.

I passed it without problems, and i got visa.

When i went out of the gate, there was my guide.

Next, another person came by a car, and she brought me to my home stay place.

On my way to my new home, the driver and a girl who will be my school mate were talking in Spanish.

The home stay place was Philippina’s house.

After i got home, she explained me about subways, how to get on bus and place of stations.

When I went to subway station, I bought weekly pass(Monday to Sunday, 

I can use them anytime)

I’m surprised that It is still bright even though 9pm.

This is it!



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