I woke up late today, so I was late for my school.

I joined to the classes from 2nd block.

My school has levels A1(Lowest) to C2(Highest) and my level is A1.

The 1st block’s time is 8:30am to 10:00am, 2nd is 10:20am to 12:50pm, lunch break is 12:50pm to 2:20pm, 3rd is 2:20pm to 3:50pm.

I became friends with German person who has whole same classes as me.

At lunch, I ate Famous Teriyaki at Teriyaki.

After that, we were relaxing at a park.

After school, I had a meeting, so i tried to walk there. But I got lost in the city, so i was late.

Most shops or stores are closing at around 6pm.

Next, I went to a phone shop. But I couldn’t use a elevator because it was over 6pm, so a security man told me how to go up floors.

I got an appointment with the phone shop, I want to say thank you to the security man.

At dinner, I ate Brazilian meal with my host mother. It was like black peas with pork meat, and cooked by my host mother.

This is it.



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