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My French friend was already at the school as always.
I couldn’t use wifi at school, but they told us the password. So I can connect my iPod Touch to wifi finally.
I bought a ticket for Niagara Falls bus tour from Sunday.
At 2nd block, we need to go through points that our teacher told.

At lunch i ate a sandwich at Starbucks.
After that, my 3 friends went to a bar. Me and my another friend went look around shops.

Clothes are expensive!
I think Japan has nice and cheap clothes.
I went to go back to school for 3rd class by subway.
After school, I went to listen to description about study abroad.
After that, I went to HMV where is in a mall, and i bought 2 CDs of Deadmau5. It had a sell like 2 CDs for $20.

HMV in Toronto show that print Canadian flag on CDs of Canadian artists.
So i got to know that Deadmau5 is from here.
I bought a shampoo and a shower gel at Dollarama.

This is it.


Today, I could go to my school smoothly.
I got there so early, but my French friend was already there.
At lunch, we went to Quiznos Subs, and i ate a sandwich.
After lunch, we walked around the city as yesterday.
After school, we went out to take a walk. And i was taking pictures.

↓CN Tower

We went to this beer factory.

At this place, they had a machine like Purikura (Maybe 2 people might be maximum) So we took a picture all together even it was tight in the machine.
As you can guess, only half of my face was in the picture.
There was alot of smog when i got out from subway on my way home.
It was so much smog like i couldn’t see far away than smog in Japan.
This is it.


I woke up late today, so I was late for my school.
I joined to the classes from 2nd block.
My school has levels A1(Lowest) to C2(Highest) and my level is A1.
The 1st block’s time is 8:30am to 10:00am, 2nd is 10:20am to 12:50pm, lunch break is 12:50pm to 2:20pm, 3rd is 2:20pm to 3:50pm.
I became friends with German person who has whole same classes as me.
At lunch, I ate Famous Teriyaki at Teriyaki.
After that, we were relaxing at a park.
After school, I had a meeting, so i tried to walk there. But I got lost in the city, so i was late.
Most shops or stores are closing at around 6pm.
Next, I went to a phone shop. But I couldn’t use a elevator because it was over 6pm, so a security man told me how to go up floors.
I got an appointment with the phone shop, I want to say thank you to the security man.
At dinner, I ate Brazilian meal with my host mother. It was like black peas with pork meat, and cooked by my host mother.
This is it.

First day of Canadian life 2011/6/20

I woke up 3 times today.
In morning like around 7am, there is not my host mother. So I was relaxing with her dog named Forest.
I had breakfast and went out.
I couldn’t lock the door, and neighbor helped me out.
It took so much time to find entrance of the subway.
I got place where near my school when it was almost the time to start.
At the orientation of the school, they told me about system of the school and rules like English policy that if we spoke in other languages, they give penalties.
And also we walked around the school.
At around lunch time, it’s all done. And school mates who became friends after talked to me.
We invited other school mates like Mexican, Spanish, Brazilian x2, Colombian to eat at McDonalds. 
Aftert that we walked around in Toronto.

↓Dundas Square.

↓Shopping mall.

↓Dundas Square 2

We took a break at Hardrock Cafe.
I was so happy because i got wifi there.
I got lost on my way home in subway.
But i learnt the subway because of this.
It is not hard to know because It has direction…

Day of departures 2011/6/19

Today is the day that i’m going to Canada.
I woke up early and got ready. I said good bye to my dad and grand mom.
I had time so i ate sushi at my aunt’s home.
I went to Narita by train.
I was so nervous.
When i arrived to Narita airport, I got a ticket and gave my stuff.

I walked around in the airport until the time.
At 5pm, I went to the gate and i said bye to my mom, brother and cousin.
I went through the security and got in the airplane.
"Good bye Japan"
From take off, it was so long until landing.
I slept just few times.
I spent time by listened to music.

↑Jessy J
The foods of airplane was not good.
It took 11 hours and 30 minutes, I arrived to Canada.
"Hello Canada"

The immigration check was so big.

I passed it without problems, and i got visa.
When i went out of the gate, there was my guide.
Next, another person came by a car, and she brought me to my home stay place.
On my way to my new home, the driver and a girl who will be my school mate were talking in Spanish.
The home stay…
I’m ready for the trip. Good bye Japan.

Early my birthday

Today, i went to Machida.
For gifts for my homestay member.
I ate Gensen burger at First Kitchen.
My mom bought a strawberry pie for me at Takano where is in Odakyu Hyakka store. 

It was like tarte, and was yummy.
And she bought this bag for me at Don Quixote.

After that, i went back home for packing.
My uncle gave me this watch for celebration.

It is made in Swiss and has weird design too.
 I think the design is math like 2 o’clock is 7-5, 11 o’clock is root 121) so it’s difficult to understand. But i like it. 
First time to see Canadian dollar in my life.
It is dollar but it is not same as US dollar.
It has the thing for blind people.
And it has shinny thing, the fonts are 3D too.
I bet it costs alot for making.

I bought.

I bought these.

OUTDOOR’s carry bag.
I can use it for long time and it is green one.
Also i bought this sunglasses.

It was cheap like 1050 yen.
I like the design of it.
This is it.

Meeting with my friends

Yesterday, I met with my high school friends because i’m going to Canada for a long time.
It was been a long time, so i was so excited.
We were talking about recent of us at my friend’s house.
Talked, played card game, King game.
I had amazing time even though it was not last time to see them.

It was tasting like cakes for adult people.
I had so fun.
Thank you!

Cherry tour

Hello there.
Today, I went to harvest cherries at a tour.

The cherry called Satonishiki tasted good.
I took pictures of view in mountains of Yamanashi.
The weather was not good like cloudy, but it was mystery view.

Also I went to Fruits park.
My mom is looking up the map lol

I went to Wine factory for fun.

I got this cherries for gift.

I had a good day even though i was sleeping in the bus.