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I did go to shopping today.
I went to Tower Records(CD shop) and Yodobashi Camera(Electronic store)
Then I bought “Final Straw” by Snow Patrol,”Eclipse” Twilight Saga and charger for iTouch.

The graduation ceremony

We did the graduation ceremony of high-school yesterday.
It was nice and I never forget this memories :)
I miss you all!

I want to sleep

There were earthquake that is about 4 then there are still earthquake because I can’t sleep tonight lol
Pray for Japan

I got this word from earthquake & tsunami.

Earthquake & tsunami in Japan

2:50 p.m. on 11th, there was earthquake & tsunami. Everyone was panic by earthquake. we could use only cell-phone. That day was dark at night. I’m alive but many people dead. I can’t believe some news because I’m at here. Thank you for support of many countries.
I did haircut today then this is my new pic of twitter :)
I went to shibuya then I got this one xD (Taken with instagram)
She is sleepy :D (Taken with instagram)
I got a new album of Avril Lavigne xD (Taken with instagram)


I bought the iTouch again but that is new version because it has 64GB xD
The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
I like this xD