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Today was rainy here.
but some places was snowing because too cold.

Tokyo Marathon

Tokyo marathon is finish!
I was watching that live on TV and Ustream :D
I saw some cosplayer, Tiger, Poo, Panda etc…
It was seeming really fun :)
I wanna join that marathon next year lol
Its Tokyo marathon!!(Source:

tomorrow is...

Tomorrow is Tokyo marathon!!
This is a big event in Japan xD
I wanna join it but I cant it haha
Do you want to join??

I think...

Ameba is better than tumblr lol
Ameba is for Japanese people because that is easy to use to me haha
but Im still try to say in English on tumblr :D
If you can understand Japanese please check my blog!

23th at school

We went to Hakone in Kanagawa at school :)
@Hakone-en Aquarium




After we had a dinner on ship

This is my family

Looks like white tiger or rabbit xD
Her name is Sweets.