I ate it and I regret xO

Hello there! I ordered this Korean spicy ramen on Amazon :)
Because it seems like it's very trendy to burn our mouth to the death, haha.
The oh so called 'Fire noodles'... Let me share you my honestly opinion.

This picture ladies and gentlemen is the crazy ''Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen (2x Spicy)'' by Samyang.

I bought it just because of the spicy noodle challenge on YouTube made me want to try the ramen, just like I previously said at the beginning of this entry.

Gosh, look how red it is. Not only that soup was red, but my lips was red and painful.  I took just two bites and it knocked me out xO
A W E F U L feeling.
My tongue and lips was hurting really bad.  The pain came so quickly right after I put it in my mouth. It lasted for awhile even if I drank a glass of milk... I mean, some glasses of milk. 

Anyway, I liked the flavour, but I definitely don't recommend to do the fire noodles challenge.

Thank you for reading my blog :D

I hope to see you…

Visited the maneki-neko temple


Hello there!

It's the golden-week in Japan, right now :)

I visited the Gotokuji temple with my wife.

People called the temple "maneki-neko temple" :3

There is a place where people leave the cats.

They sell those cats at the temple.

Here is how it works.

First, you buy the cat and make a wish on it. Second, bring it back to the temple after your wish came true.

So, do not just leave them there after you get them.

NIKE shoes for the first time :D


Hi there!

Me and my wife went to Ueno, Tokyo for my new shoes and just walk around the place.

I was looking for an adidas shoes at ABC marts, but it ended up getting a Nike shoes here.

The ABC mart in Ame-yoko.

It was our first time to visit Ame-yoko, and was fun to walk through the street. I felt like I was in other countries in Asia lol

So, here is the shoes I got.

I got a Nike shoes for the first time in my life :)

I was surprised that I saw some Nike shoes were not too expensive :O

Thank you for reading my blog :D I hope to see you again very soon!

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Night in Asakusa, Tokyo

Hi, there❗

I know, it's not Saturday, I am sorry about that 😅
But I still update my blog, anyways 😀

Me and my wife went to Asakusa, Tokyo last night.

We also walked from Ochanomizu station to Asakusa for about 1 hour 😮

Here is the pics I took 📷

My wife asked me to get the sweets called "Sakuraman (Sakura Age-manju)", so I went to get it at the store called "Asakusa-kokonoe (浅草九重)" 🍡😋

The store is one of the best store for Age-manju in Asakusa, people say 😉👌

I recommend you to try it 😎👍

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope to see you again very soon❗
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Cherry blossom Frappuccino :d

Hello there!

It's monday night in Japan now, but here is a random update 😊

My wife wanted to try the new sakura drink of Starbucks, so we went there.

They have the frappuccino and the latte, but we got the frappuccino 👌

It has maple whip cream, pink arare (Japanese mochi snack), sakura shaved chocolate.

I can't explain the flavour of sakura, but it tastes good 😋
I think the whip cream doesn't match with the flavour because it tastes weird with it 😣

If you're planing to try it, don't forget to get the special photo frame at Starbucks wherever you go in Japan. Access here to get it 😀

Also, they have different frames each places, and we got this one 😎

It looks nice with the frames, right?

Thank you for reading my blog :D I hope to see you again very soon!
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Quick post about P-GO

Hello, there!

These days, I play the app called Pokemon Go which is a super famous game.
(If you're dislike the game, just skip to read this time)

One day, I noticed that there are so many Exeggcute everywhere and I was wondering why.

However, I heard about the Valentine's day event from my wife few days ago lol

Here is the quote from

"Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Us!

Trainers, With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we couldn’t think of a sweeter time to double the amount of Candy you’ll earn every time you catch, hatch, and transfer Pokémon. Your Buddy Pokémon is also getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit and will find Candy twice as fast! Throughout the celebration, you’ll notice that Chansey, Clefable, and many other adorable pink Pokémon will be encountered more frequently in the wild. Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum will also be more likely to hatch from Eggs. And to help you paint your town pink this …

Bought a smartpen on Amazon :)

What's up guys!

I was wondering how Smartpen is, since a long time ago. So I bought it on Amazon (not sponsored)

I looked it up on the internet and I found this one.

Adonit Jot Pro 2.0 (black)

Look at this. It has a precision disc on the tip.

It looks cool, feels nice and almost no stress to use.

I have tried on my iPhone 6s plus and Nexus 9, and I think it works way better on tablets than smart phones.

So I definitely recommend to use it on tablets :D

You can buy it here:

Thank you for reading my blog :D I hope to see you again very soon!

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